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Vacante SVE Bulgaria-marionetas niños en riesgo de exclusión social

Puppet House, EVS Project № 2017-1-BG01-KA105-035873

Association Vasilica, Varna, Bulgaria,


Like all our other projects, the Puppet House is one more way to influence society for the better. For us, it is both a metaphor and a goal… This is what I mean:

Association Vasilica (pronounced “Vassilitsa”) was founded 10 years ago to face the difficulties of our society through localized work towards improving the wellbeing of children in risk groups. By working with children at school age, we focus our efforts on prevention and education by informal methods, to be able to provide knowledge, communication skills, confidence and motivation to children who receive insufficient positive reinforcement and their daily environment, such as school, home, etc. We use the Puppet as a metaphor of the way many children feel - voiceless, immobile, dependant on others and unable to be socially active. We aspire to create an actual Puppet House which would act as a center where children can learn, be creative and receive therapy. In the meantime, we are developing the concept and working with children at different locations, mostly managed by our partners (schools, NGOs, etc) and focusing on informal education methods.

So what is the role of an EVS volunteer in the project? We provide a long-term opportunity (up to 12 months, depending on available positions) for volunteers to work with children of mixed groups, including but not limited to minorities (kids of Roma and Turkish descent), children with dysfunctional families and children living in poverty. You will be able to do arts and crafts workshops, teach them languages and math, play sports, board and card games, role play, etc. Although we have certain methods we follow, we are very supportive of new ideas and encourage proactivity on your side. You have your own way of connecting with the children and it is important to have an individual approach, so we are counting on you to also be creative and organized. You are free to develop your own personal project, write articles, presentations or any other type of video or audio material to represent issues young people deal with, or any other related issues you feel strongly about, which an benefit society and the organisation itself (by popularization and advertisement).

What are the requirements? Well, you just need to be from an EU country, aged 18 to 31 and be motivated and inspired by the issues we are dealing with. You can make a change in people's lives and improve your own skills and confidence, and you will also learn some Bulgarian. We need you to have sufficient English language skills so we can communicate openly, but it doesn't have to be fluent, as long as we understand each other

What we offer? The standard program package - accommodation and transport is covered, health insurance, monthly allowance (pocket money), local support (mentor), online language training and a lot of fun :)

Want to join us? Please send your CV and provide your skype/FB so a call can be scheduled. We want to hear what you think, what your expectations are and answer your questions and concerns.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Vasilica, Varna